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A professional ecological solution

The company FastGrowth OÜ produces nest boxes for small birds to keep pest insects under control in orchards.Great tit with a caterpillar

A new state-of-the-art model of bird nest box for small birds is now available. Its design is in complete accordance with ornithologists’ requirements ( and tit in the profi nest box

The new solution to an old problem

Introduction of the new model solves the problems related to cleaning of the nest box.Cleaning is now easier, because taking the box down and putting it up takes only a few seconds. It is easier to clean the box after taking it down. The box opens and closes easily and firmly in a couple of seconds.

Why must the nest box be cleaned annually?

Unlike starlings, small birds like tits and flycatchers do not clean their nest boxes from old nest material. Instead, they build a new layer of nest on top of the old one each year. Over the years, the box fills up with layers of nest-material and the birds cannot use it anymore. That is why it is necessary to clean the nest boxes to avoid old nest material pile-up. Cleaning is also important because several nest parasite insects inhabit the old nest material and can harm the fledglings in their nest.

The birds benefit from living in the box because:

  1. They are not attacked by small predators. The predators simply cannot climb the metal support pole;
  2. Woodpeckers cannot peck the entrance hole larger because it is surrounded by metal rim;
  3. There is enough room inside for large bird family (120×100 mm);
  4. There is a lot of breathable air inside the box because the box is tall (190 mm from the bottom to the entrance hole);
  5. The walls are 20 mm thick, isolating mid-day heat and night cold;
  6. The 60 mm thick roof protects the box from mid-day sunshine heat when placed in the open area;
  7. Holes in the bottom of the box let air in to ventilate the box and keep the nest material dry.

Users of the nest boxes are satisfied with their design because:

  1. The nest boxes are made large enough to accommodate large number of nestlings;
  2. The more nestlings birds can bring up, the more pest insects they consume in the garden;
  3. The boxes can be cleaned with remarkable ease within shorter time compared to the ordinary boxes;
  4. Unlike ordinary nest boxes, the current nest boxes can be installed in an open area under direct mid-day sun, because thick wooden roof and insulation protect it from heat;
  5. The boxes need no other maintenance beside annual cleaning;
  6. The boxes last much longer due to wide flax-oil impregnated roof that protects the box from getting wet during rainy days.
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