Other nest boxes

Woodpecker_and starling_nestbox

Nest box for woodpeckers and starlings. Diameter of the flight-hole 50 mm, dimensions of the bottom 145 x 155 mm, opens easily, can be taken down for cleaning. The nest box type can be used for creating nesting possibilities for woodpeckers after extensive clear-cuttings when there is lack of thick trees. Woodpeckers eat larvae of pest insects of forest trees (bark beetles) and help to keep forests healthy. In old forests woodpeckers peck their nests into old and thick tree stems that have softened inner wood.


Nest box for Tawny owl (Strix aluco). Diameter of the flight-hole 130 mm, diameter of the bottom 260 mm. Owls eat mainly rodents. Rodents cause bark injuries for young trees by eating their bark. In order to protect newly planted orchards and forest trees plantations from rodent damage, setting up owl nest box near the plantation may be the cheapest solution.


A nest box made from a short log with chainsaw


The side of the nest box can be opened for cleaning

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